Good People


White Cat Coaching Good PeopleHere are some amazing people doing great things who we would love to recommend… Tooting my own horn here! My latest venture writing a book about the principles of Agile Project Management, and how they can be applied to everything - Adam is an awesome massage therapist based in Melbourne. Be prepared to have your muscles challenged but feel amazing afterwards. – Speaking of feeling amazing… For a gentle, non-invasive way to restore the normal movement and position of your spine, which in turn may alleviate a wide range of health concerns, book in to see Dr Tyson at Lygon Chiropractic. The cost of your first consultation ($35) is donated to local charities. Inspirational thought leader, teacher, speaker and my mentor. Quality trainings, amazing results. – Tim Ferriss is a master in lifestyle design. Read his blogs and books and learn to fit more into your day and live your dreams. - For all your design needs from business cards to website images. Kathryn is extremely talented and incredibly conscientious. - Contact Ramona for a makeover and photo shoot that will show the world how amazing you are. Melbourne Day Spa with the most blissful treatments. You work hard. You deserve it!