Success ServicesPerformance Coaching Packages

Success Package: 6 x 1.5 hour coaching sessions

Excellence Package: Unlimited coaching sessions for three months plus email support

Platinum Package: Unlimited coaching sessions for six months plus email and phone support

*NEW* Values PendulumTM Assessment Tool: Find out how your thinking is impacting your results, and what could be holding you back

Presentations and Workshops

Presentations to small or large groups. Fun, interactive workshops that can be tailored to your needs. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Creating and Maintaining a High Performing Team
  • Principles of Agile Project Management – why being Agile is easier than you think
  • Planning your next project – where to start and how to make the change stick
  • Why we do what we do – the basic drivers that underpin everything we do

Meeting Facilitation

Meeting Facilitation requires an experienced and credible facilitator who can handle egos and strong emotions.  Good meeting facilitation:

  • Manages people’s responses in a gentle but firm way
  • Keeps meetings on track and with effective outcomes
  • Allows everyone to actively participate without having to worry about the running of the workshop

This service is often required when a highly contentious or difficult topic is being discussed and decided upon. Or, it could be very straightforward and you just need a hand to ensure you get the best outcomes for your time.

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