A little more on multi-tasking…

I know in my last post I talked a little about multi-tasking. And while I talk about how important it is to focus on one thing, it’s so easy to get distracted and completely go against my personal and professional mantra.

A colleague of mine showed me a great trick to convince even the worst of the multi-tasking offenders.

Take a sheet of paper and draw four lines. Get a stopwatch ready.

Start your stopwatch. On the first line write: I am good at multitasking. On the second line write the numbers 1 through to 20. Stop the stopwatch. Record your result.

Next… Start your stopwatch. Do exactly the same thing, only this time write the letters and numbers together alternating between lines. So, you would write “I” on the top line then “1” on the bottom line. Then go to the top line and write “a” then back to the bottom line and write “2” and so on. Stop the stopwatch. Record your result.

How did you go?



I took 23 seconds to do the first task. And 38 seconds to do the second. A whopping 60 percent longer.


Can you imagine the impact in your day to day life with bigger, more critical tasks? It doesn’t bear thinking about. Do the exercise and I’d love to hear your result and what you are going to do to ensure you make the most of your time!