A Weekend To Do List? Really?

So, during the week, I have a system where I prioritise tasks and tick them off when done. It’s quite efficient and seems to be working well for me. This weekend, I was faced with the realisation that Sunday was the first day in a while that was mostly mine. Family commitments and other things had crept in over the last few weekends, and although the time was immensely rewarding and full of love, I was left with a lot of things I had planned to do but not got to.

These things were mostly in my head, so I set about writing a list that soon turned into an A4 page. Hang on!! This is a lot of stuff!! So, I adopted my during the week strategy and prioritised the activities I really wanted to do before Sunday night came upon me. I had quite a bit of reading to do, and I also wanted to start my website and blog. I also wanted to ensure there were some healthy things in the fridge for my busy week ahead. So, I prioritised a trip to the market and time to cook up some soups and a quinoa and rice pilaf, as well as do my reading and blog. I even made time to sit down to a nice lunch of homemade vegetable soup with a glass of wine and my lovely boyfriend, Damian. I also made time to watch funny You Tube videos. They make me laugh and are a nice break. Who can resist a talking cat?

How is it all going? Well, I still have a few tasks to tick off, but I’m feeling like adopting my mid-week approach is not so obsessive afterall.