Abs on Fire and a New Challenge

I am so glad I warmed up my abdominal muscles with comedy on Saturday, as they were all required for my regular Monday Pilates class. When I say regular, it is a regular entry in my calendar, but can often be missed due to genuine work commitments like workshops or training. Or it can be missed due to non genuine commitments like ‘oh, maybe I had better stay at my desk and finish this (insert something that probably could be done at another time but it would be great to do it now)…’

It’s amazing how I can justify anything, but it’s also amazing how when I commit to doing something other than making an excuse or plain old ‘wigging out’ it feels sooooo good! Today was no exception. I had tons of things to do, but I knew that taking an hour out to go to Pilates would not kill me. It actually gave me some renewed energy for the rest of the day, and I well and truly blasted my daily 30 minute commitment to myself. Win win! I wonder if there are other things I could do this week that are different from what I have been doing that could give me that same sense of achievement? Another challenge perhaps? Something new and different every day?

What is something that you might be putting off that if you did it, you would feel an amazing sense of accomplishment? What’s stopping you from doing it now?


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