Another Day of Improvisation…

Another busy day that started early and finished late. Thank goodness I can add. Or can I? I had an early morning breakfast with my dad, so I took the opportunity to walk there. Five minutes from the tram. Walking back up the hill to work was another five minutes. Lunch was busy but I took ten minutes to walk around a few blocks and pick up my dry cleaning. Later in the afternoon, I raced out to buy a gift for a colleague, and before I knew it, there goes another twenty minutes. All in heels.

I was impressed that just a number of commitments outside of my building meant I could keep to, and exceeded, my 30 minutes a day goal. Although, compared to yesterday’s lovely run, it wasn’t quite as enjoyable or zen like. And to be honest, getting my thirty minutes this way is not my idea of fun or sustainable. But it made me think that the road to achieving our goals is never quite as expected or hoped for. Sometimes there are compromises or improvisations. Sometimes there are mistakes. Unexpected, unwanted things happen all the time, and providing my values are not compromised, and I am working towards my goal, that’s got to be a good thing, right?

Today I learned that it’s okay for things not to be exactly as I expect  or plan. Providing I stay true to myself and the commitments I make to myself, I’m doing okay.


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