Cause and Effect – where are you?

I am quite excited about one of the principles of NLP called Cause and Effect. This is also known as results versus reasons. It forces you to look at which side of the equation you are on in a certain situation. Are you the cause of things that happen, or are you at the effect? We are either causing something to happen, or experiencing the effects. What is more empowering? The crazy, amazing thing about this principle, is that you have a choice. Imagine that! You can actually decide what side you are on. And all you need to do is change your thinking. You don’t even need to do anything else.

For example. Say you have been in a job that has made you unhappy for some time. You may say you have had some bad luck, or a terrible boss, limited opportunities or annoying work colleagues. You are suffering from the effects of an event. You are at EFFECT. This might all be TRUE. HOWEVER, what would happen if you decided that instead of being at effect, you were the CAUSE of all this? You didn’t blame but took responsibility. You are responsible for being in a job you don’t like. Suddenly, it’s your responsibility; the ball is in your court, so to speak. You could go from having all the reasons in the world to be unsuccessful at finding new work to being completely responsible for your current situation. What is more empowering? What is easier to deal with?

People who go through life on the cause side of the equation have results. Believing this gives us maximum power to create the life we want. And this is just by changing your thoughts. Imagine that? Give it a go today and see what happens!