What have you celebrated lately?

We set goals all the time. And we also achieve them – hopefully most of the time. Sometimes we don’t, and that’s okay. But how often do we truly celebrate?Celebrate

I mean, REALLY celebrate?

Today I ran a 10km fun run in Melbourne, and it was awesome. My goal this year was to consistently train and run at a pace that felt right, and to truly LOVE it. It was to really enjoy the experience from start to finish. There were no split time aims. There were no pace calculations. I just wanted to love it. I wanted to immerse myself in the experience of running and being surrounded by others who were also having their own experiences. It was amazing to observe everyone going through their own individual journeys during the course of the run. Some were finding it difficult, facing challenges due to pushing themselves hard, or possibly injuries. Some experienced jubilation after achieving their goals whether it was to smash a personal best time or simply run the whole way. Everyone turned up on the start line with a different goal. Everyone had a different journey with different challenges and different reasons to celebrate.

What I thought was interesting was the number of people already planning their next races and their next goals. At the finish line! I love that people are so in love with running they are already planning the next challenge. What I also hope they were doing was celebrating their achievement of today. The present moment. Celebrating their efforts. Celebrating achieving their goals, not matter how big or small. Celebrating NOW. Before moving on to the next thing.

Achievement is great. It’s how history is made. But before you plan your next goal, your next big thing, stop right now and ask yourself: What would you like to acknowledge yourself for now? What are you proud of? Do that now and really take in this present moment. Congratulate yourself and celebrate because you ARE amazing!

What have you celebrated today? Share in the comments below or your favourite social media channel!


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