Confidence Equals Preparation

As I get ready for my Week One of the 12 Week Body Transformation (and there’s a fair bit to get ready!), I got to thinking about the old quote: ‘Prior Preparation and Planning prevents Piss Poor Performance’. So true. I know if I prepare for this week, I have a great chance of avoiding the poor performance that quote threatens.  I heard a better quote today: ‘Lack of confidence is born from a lack of preparation’. Shannon Wilburn (via Michelle Bridges). That resonated quite well with me, as it made me think of the times I have felt very confident and sure of a great outcome. All those times, preparation has been a major factor. One time that comes to mind is a rowing regatta in England. At the start line, I felt so very calm, and the race felt easy, AND we won! I barely remember the race, apart from the feeling of knowing my crew was working so well together, and the feeling of jubilation at the end was amazing. We had trained quite hard together over the season, so in terms of preparation, we had it in spades. So, my feeling of calm and confidence came from a solid foundation of preparation.

On the other hand, on the very same weekend, we put together a crew of eight for another race. We had all been training hard, but not together. We had also only decided to race together that day. I was nervous as many of the girls in this crew were great rowers. I did not feel prepared. My heart was pounding at the start line. The same place only hours before I had sat with a feeling of calm confidence. What had changed? During the race, I felt every single stroke with pain. It did not help that my oar inadvertently hit a duck. I was feeling terrible. We came second by only a small margin. It made me wonder what we could have achieved with a bit more preparation. And perhaps without the duck.

So, as you prepare for your week ahead, what are some things you can do to feel confident of a great outcome? If a metaphorical (or real, let’s not count that out) duck gets in your way, will you be ready?


  1. […] Serve the room. Do this one thing and you will never, ever be nervous. Look at everyone in the room with love and care. Engage and connect with them. Expand your awareness. Ask yourself ‘how can I serve this room?’ and ‘What is it these people need from me that if I gave it to them, it would make the biggest difference?’ Give it to them. As the person in front of the room whether it be 1 or 1000 people, when you are speaking, you are the leader. Be a servant leader and serve them. When you focus on serving, it is impossible to be nervous. You can only be nervous when you are in your head. Speak from your heart. And, of course, be prepared. […]