Control of your Environment

Expand your quantum fieldA while ago I wrote a post about the power of your environment – who and what you surround yourself determines your results. One of the things I love about learning then writing about it is when I find evidence to back up something I have previously written about. And, even better, I find something that gives me more clarity and understanding on a topic I am passionate about. In this case, both have been achieved. I am reading “Shift your Brilliance” by Simon T. Bailey, and the book is full of amazing insights into how we live our lives and what is possible if we only dare to “shift” our thinking. Bailey shares Harvey Mackay’s insight into the Japanese Koi fish – a fish with almost unlimited growth potential. If the fish is put into a small bowl, it will stay small. If it is put into a larger tank or pond, it can grow six to ten inches. And up to three feet if put into a large lake. Bailey likens this to humans existing in a quantum field – and we grow in proportion to the size of the environment we choose to live.

You have a choice

Every person or thing we surround ourselves with is of our making. Our choosing. If the goals we have achieved are small, our thinking is small. If our friends complain all the time, we have chosen them to be part of our world, and will in turn attract more complaining. It’s all up to you. Our quantum field is a matrix of sorts – where we attract things to us based on our thinking, and repel things that do not align with how we see the world. As I look around my study, everything is there because I chose it to be there – the butchers paper on the wall, the broken lamp, the books and the cat. On a larger, seemingly more out of control, scale we can look around our workplaces, our social venues and even the traffic on the road. It’s all there because we brought it into being.

There may be times when it feels like our environment is out of control. It really isn’t. We just think that it is. Take back the power that’s rightfully yours and take responsibility for your environment – the good, the bad and the ugly. It might not mean it changes instantly, but just knowing that you have control has got to make you feel better, right? It’s a lot like cause and effect. Choosing to believe a certain thing (like controlling your environment or choosing to be happy) has GOT to be better than the alternative.

When you choose not to believe this, the consequences are never good. Frustration, stress, sadness, anger. ┬áThe list goes on. And it’s all backed by science! So choose your thinking carefully, and know you have more control than you realise. The power really is in your hands.

How much could your approach and ultimately your ┬áresults change if you “shifted” and realised you had control?


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