What are you creating with your thoughts?

Your thoughts create things White Cat CoachingRecently I wrote about how you could use your thoughts to get more things done. I hope you liked it! I have been thinking about this concept a lot, and I know many people are skeptical of the power of creating with your thoughts. Many people do not necessarily believe in the power we have to manifest what we want. How could it be that easy?

Well, it’s easier than you realise, and it’s happening now whether you like it or not. Let me explain. You see, we are thinking all the time. ALL the time. At any one moment, millions of bits of information are flying around our heads. Information is coming in due to external stimuli or internal recalling of events – both real and imagined. Our brain is working hard to filter in the most important things for us – the things that seem the most relevant (as decided by our unconscious mind). Just like a water filter jug. We talked about it a bit in 2013 – you can refresh your memory here. It’s absolutely fascinating how our unconscious mind filters the world for us – creating an entirely new world that is of our own making. Although the science proves our thoughts are creating the world around us, sometimes it can be hard to believe. After all, bad things still happen – and I don’t remember creating them!

Let’s positive test this

We are either motivated away from pain or towards pleasure. Many scientific experiments are designed to either prove something or disprove something. And those experiments can either be easy or hard. I’m a fan of easy myself, are you? If you are, and you’re keen to test this, let me give you a task. Believe for a second that your mind is trainable. It does not have to be at the whim of the millions of bits of information coming from without and within. Believe that you can change the filter (just like in your water jug) and see things differently. Meditation is a great way to train  your mind, and I absolutely recommend you do this. AND… decide now that you are only going to let love and harmony in. There are things happening all over the world that are not harmonious and loving. The problem is,we give them energy and they grow. Just like plants, the only ones that grow big and strong are the ones  you water and feed.

Take Action

Your mission – if you choose to accept it – is to only let harmonious, loving peaceful thoughts in. Wayne Dyer puts it really well. He advises that you consider yourself to have ‘suits’ protecting you. The first suit might be your clothes, even a uniform. And the second suit is your body. Underneath is who you really are. The only things that deserve to get through to the real you are loving, peaceful things. Everything else will just hit an outer layer and be bounced away. It doesn’t mean  you don’t acknowledge them, it just means they do not belong with the ‘real’ you.

If you forget, don’t worry. Acknowledge and move on. Give yourself lots of loving and harmonious thoughts and know you are doing the best you can. Then keep going. Like any muscle, it needs to be exercised. Do this every day for a week and you WILL notice the difference. You will notice more good things, you will notice less bad things. And the world will seem like a wonderful place. Because it is. Because you made it so.

I would love to know how you went with this. Feel free to contact me or share using your favourite button!