Do not make a New Year’s Resolution until you read this…

2014 White Cat CoachingHappy New Year! I trust you farewelled 2013 and met 2014 in great style. I definitely did. You just can’t beat good wine, cheese and friends! Over the past few days I have been loving reading everyone’s good wishes for the new year ahead, and hearing it is a new moon and a new start – the perfect time to make that new year’s resolution that will set you on the course for success. I love that people are taking an opportunity to reflect on the year that was and think about how they can make 2014 a great year. What a great way to start the year than with the determination to do something amazing? But let’s do it right in a way that serves us completely.

I don’t use the word “resolutions” much though. For those of you who know me, you know I’m a big fan of setting goals. And when I talk about setting goals, I mean goals that have meaning to YOU. It’s so easy to jump onboard someone else’s goal or dream. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Sure! I’d love to run a marathon before I’m 40!
  • Yep, a 600km bike ride is definitely on my To Do list – let’s do it!
  • I’d love to do the macro-biotic diet with you! It will be fun!
  • Body Pump/Jam/Combat at 6am tomorrow? I’m there!
  • Rock climbing? I’ve never tried it, but let’s do it!

Jumping onboard someone else’s goal(s) is not all bad though. You may find that you love marathon running/cycling/the macro-biotic diet/Body Jam/Pump/Combat/rock climbing. In fact, excelling in one of these could very much become your goal.

Time to Reflect

Before you run off to the gym or wholefoods store, take some time to reflect. Now, this is very important. We’re going to reflect on everything that was AWESOME about 2013. Yes, just the good bits! As you know, perception is projection, so let’s focus our thoughts on what we want more of, not what we don’t. Go month by month, and you’ll be surprised by all the cool things that happened. I know I was! Enjoy this moment of reflection. And, while we’re at it, why do we only do it once a year? Wouldn’t it be cool if we did it at the end of each month? Or perhaps quarter? Who’s with me?

Time to Imagine

Next step… Imagine you have been fast-forwarded to the end of the year… And it has been extraordinary. As you look back on the year that was, it was your best year yet. What made it so good? What can you see, hear and feel that makes you think that? How do you know? Focus on the feeling. Where do you feel it? What sort of person have you become? What did you do to become this amazing person?

And as you focus on the things that you did, ask yourself Why? For what purpose did I do them? What was my intended outcome? Now, this is important as it could be tempted to write a shopping list the length of your cat with all these “things”. So, for each item, just ask the purpose it will serve. Keep asking why until you get a really amazing purpose. Congratulations, you now have a list that serves you and YOUR purpose. Not someone else’s.


Remember that things change, people change, YOU change. So, as a result, your goals may change. And that’s okay. Commit to regularly checking in on your goals. Did someone say monthly? Quarterly? It’s up to you. Promise that you will choose to spend some time focusing on the amazing progress you are making. And be okay if things do not work out quite the way you expected. Be kind to yourself. You, and everyone around you, are doing the best you can with the resources you have.

Spend some time on this – this is time for you to luxuriate in all that is possible. Dream. Dream big. Because if you don’t you will just end up in someone else’s dream. I look forward to hearing your achievements in 2014!

What goals did you set? Were they big? What was their purpose? Are you excited? Feel free to share using your favourite button!


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