Don’t be afraid to look silly

I read a quote somewhere that in order to become successful, you have to be prepared to look a little foolish at times. So, embracing that philosophy, I chose the Xbox Kinect for a dance workout with our cats as my only, very supportive (if not slightly confused) audience. Four songs, including detailed breakdowns and practice beforehand, later I was sweaty and exhilarated. When you get the moves right, the encouragement is amazing (‘Have you had professional training or something?’). When you get it wrong, things like ‘Don’t worry about it, the moves look better with your personal touches anyway’ encourage you to go on. I dare anyone to play this game and not crack up laughing. I well surpassed my 30 minute daily goal as I was having too much fun to stop at just a few songs. I mastered new moves I never thought possible, and am generally feeling pretty good about myself. What a great way to start a holiday weekend!

It made me wonder at what we might miss out on at times for fear of looking silly. What great achievements are we not reaching out for? Imagine if the Wright brothers were afraid of looking silly right before they mastered flight? You can’t tell me there weren’t a few unfortunate incidents before their amazing feat. How many successful people have we witnessed giving things a go despite being publicly embarrassed at times?

What’s something fun and silly you can do today that will take you closer to your dreams?