Evolving Emotionally. A simple guide

Every thought we have. EVERY thought. Leads to emotion. Every emotion leads to a biochemical reaction that leads to a response. Therefore, a thought leads directly to a response. It’s science at work. Therefore, the quality of our thoughts are so important! Someone once said to me that I should never think anything I wouldn’t be happy for everyone to hear. Oh dear. Can you imagine if all your thoughts were displayed on a billboard for all your family and friends to see?

There are four levels of thoughts

Pure: love, joy, happiness, forgiveness

Productive: solution oriented, overcoming obstacles

Non-productive:  gossip, blaming others, judgment

Destructive: critical, no value

The first two categories: pure and productive, are considered Above the Line thoughts. When you are thinking them, you are at Cause. To think these, you need to believe that you are the cause of the things going on in your life.

The second two categories: non-productive and destructive, are considered Below the Line thoughts. When you are thinking them, you are at Effect. The only way to think Below the Line is to believe you are not at cause for anything in your life.

To talk science again, Above the Line thinking produces alkaline bio-chemicals that are wonderful for digestion and cell health. Below the Line thinking produces acidic bio-chemicals that are terrible for cellular health, leading to indigestion, increased stress hormones and poor health.

Is anyone else excited that the simple process of changing your thoughts can lead to a healthier you?


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