Friday Optimism

Happy Friday physiologyDon’t you just love it when you see all over social media “Happy Friday!” “Yay, it’s the weekend!” etc? The statements are normally adorned with dogs doing high-fives or a cat wearing a shark outfit. Speaking of which, if you want to brighten your day, you simply must watch this YouTube clip.

On the flip-side, you don’t have to look far to find “Oh, no it’s Monday”, “Where did the weekend go?” etc. It can be a downer, right? One of my friends attributes his success to (in his words) “treating every day as if it were a Friday”.  This is sometimes met with “whaaaat?” or outright curiosity. How does he do it? He’s always (well, mostly) smiling and has a great outlook on life. He doesn’t go so far as to wear jeans to work, but he doesn’t need to. He chooses to approach each day in a way that brings him happiness.

How to treat every day like a Friday

This is available to everyone, not just “naturally optmistic” people. In fact, I would argue that term does not exist. Anyone can be optimistic if they choose. But sometimes we need some help. And help is on the way… What you need to do is this.

Next time it’s Friday, do something that energizes you and makes you feel amazing. It might be simply putting on your jeans and treating yourself to an egg and bacon muffin. It could be going for a walk in the sunshine. It could be posting a photo of a dog high-fiving on social media and sharing your Friday joy with as many people as possible. Or all of the above. As much as possible. This Friday has got to feel GOOD. Now, as you’re doing this, press your middle finger against your thumb. Make sure there is pressure there. Maintain the pressure as you are feeling all these good feelings. Keep feeling all these feelings, taking in everything you see and hear around you. As the good feeling subsides, take the pressure off. Throughout the day, as you feel great, return the pressure, so by the end of the day that feeling of your thumb pressing down onto your middle finger is fully associated with a great day.

To test, simply wait until Monday and  you are feeling a bit blah. Press your thumb and middle finger together and… Voila! Your Friday Feeling will return. Repeat as much as you need.

Get that Friday Feeling Anytime, Anywhere

By associating a physical movement to a great feeling, it means you can feel that feeling ANYTIME you want. Have you just given a great presentation? Do something with your body as you feel great about what you achieved. Next time you have a presentation to do, do that same movement. The feeling will return. We deserve to feel great all the time. And sometimes our thinking gets the better of us and we get in a slump. It can be hard to change our thinking when our mind is racing a million miles an hour, so don’t try. Instead, change something about the way you are sitting or standing, and enjoy the good feelings that come. Tony Robbins swears that a “physiology creates psychology” and Amy Cuddy gave an amazing TED Talk that backs this up with science.

What are you waiting for? Time to feel great now and always.

So, how did you go? Did you create an amazing Friday feeling? Feel free to share using your favourite button!