Happy New Year – How to make 2015 Amazing

Happy New Year 2015 White Cat CoachingHappy New Year 2015! And this is a great time reflect on the year that was and what we want to achieve in the new year. It has been said that we overestimate what we can do in a year, and we underestimate what we can do in ten years. So before you look back on the year and think about what you have not done, or reflect upon the things in 2014 that did not go your way, look back over the last ten years. What have you achieved in this time? What happened that made you really happy? Go on, make a list. I bet you will be surprised at how much is there – just how many happy times and how much you actually did in that time.

Reflect on Your Achievements and Happy Times

It can be so easy to think of things that went wrong. Unfortunately, that time you tripped over in front of everyone is burned in your memory, but guess what? I’m willing to bet that no one else remembers it. So make sure you take some time to think of all the amazing things that have taken place in your life. The reason why I like to do ten years, is that it is impossible to not think of something. Even if there are a few years that you would like to forget due to sadness or loss, there will be at least a few things in that period of time that stand out. It’s also fun to remember things that may have been forgotten – for no other reason but they faded with time. Bringing happy memories back to the surface is good for our souls. Think of a time that made you happy and make it big and bright. Give it more colour and talk about it. Give it energy and it will return the energy to you.

What’s next for 2015?

When you have finished reflecting on happy times and wonderful achievements for the last ten years (take your time with this, there’s no rush), imagine it is ten years from now and you are reflecting on the last ten years. So, it’s 2025, and you are remembering 2015. How do you want to be feeling? What are the happy memories you would like to surface and make big and bright? Make it fun, make it light hearted, because really, who knows that the year will bring? Approach this exercise with a sense of play.What funny moments do you want? What would you like to achieve? What would you like to put in place this year that will make the next nine years amazing? What do you need to do this year to give you the feeling you want?

Take Action

I like the concept of feelings over a to-do list that ends up being a list of unfulfilled resolutions. Think about how you want to feel, and feel it now. What do you need to do to sustain that feeling? Once you know, take action now. Even if it’s just a small step. Our unconscious minds love it when we take action – it further imprints the importance of our goals, which in turn makes the unconscious mind work harder for us to ensure we manifest what we want.

I have kept my plans for 2015 simple. Focus on maintaining good health and publish the book that I am writing. Every day, I take an action that is focused on those two main things. As the year goes on, I need to make sure that nothing is being neglected and adjust if needs be.

What are the two things you can focus on this year that will make 2015 amazing?