How are you feeling?

Never be hungry

“I’ll never be hungry again!”

I found an advertisement for what sounds like a fantastic diet the other day. The tag line was “Never Feel Hungry again!” Admittedly, the first thing I thought of was that dramatic scene from Gone with the Wind where Scarlett O’Hara is standing on a hilltop declaring ” I’m going to live through this and when it’s all over, I’ll never be hungry again”. It was powerful and emotive, but I have a feeling that the advertisement was not promising that you will never have to lie, cheat or steal to feed your family during a war-torn time.  It was letting you know that if you followed this amazing diet, you wouldn’t “feel” any hunger. Great, right? Well… No…

It got me thinking about emotions. In this world of “think positive”, we seem to spend a lot of time pursuing “good” feelings and running away from “bad” feelings. I, for one, think feeling hungry is a good thing. It’s a sign that my body needs nourishment. And if I really listen to my body, I can know exactly what it needs. Sometimes, it really needs a serve of vegetables. Other times, it needs a cupcake. And the same goes for emotions. Feeling a negative emotion should not be seen as a bad thing. Like hunger, it’ s just a feeling and it is there for a reason. If you are feeling sad or lonely, instead of running away from it in the pursuit of what you”should” be feeling (we should all be feeling happy all the time, right?), why not take some time to get really curious as to why you are feeling this way. You are feeling this way for a reason. Stop, acknowledge it, and really feel it. One of the great things about life is that everything passes. Both the good and the bad. Instead of replacing this “bad” feeling with a “good” feeling, why not sit with it and know that it, like everything else, will pass?

Negative feelings are only bad when they stay around for extended periods of time and stop you getting the results you are after. If this is the case, perhaps review your goals. Have you tried to do too much too soon? Is this the reason you are feeling bad? There are lots of ways to stop feeling a negative emotion – just be really sure that you know why you are feeling it first. Sometimes simply acknowledging it is enough.

So go ahead. Feel the feeling you are feeling right now. Really acknowledge it and get curious. And know it will pass. And that you have so many good things to look forward to, if only you let yourself.