I have a new respect for birds!

This morning I woke up with sore arms, which I suspect is from some of my Wii exercises on Sunday, in particular boxing, but it could also be the game where you flap your arms like a bird. I am not especially good at this one, and was made acutely aware of my (un)fitness in this area when I demonstrated to one of my colleagues the arm movement and winced in pain. As did he.

My thirty minutes today was spent jogging in the park wearing a technical t-shirt that (ironically I think) said ‘Fast’ on the front. I giggled to myself as more exuberant and fit people flew past me (not like birds admittedly but pretty fast). It was a short but enjoyable run in absolutely stunning weather. I patted myself on the back for making the most of the warmth and light, as I’m sure this is summer’s last gasp before cold descends. Then it’s back to the Wii.

While it was nice to do something familiar (I used to run every morning not that long ago), I recognise that doing something unfamiliar and a little challenging (or in the case of the bird exercise, just plain awkward) can reap rewards. It’s so easy to stick to the familiar then wonder why we get average results. I’m wondering now what else I can do that’s unfamiliar? Perhaps something that doesn’t involve flapping my arms in the air just for the next few days at least… Ouch…