Improve your Memory in a matter of seconds

So, how is your learning going? Are you getting better at learning new things or relearning old things by understanding your learning style? I hope so! Now that you know some new things, how is your memory when it comes to recalling information? Remember, the best part of learning is teaching it to others so it’s imprinted in your memory even more…

Whether you a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learner, you need to ACCESS that information in a way that the information you learn is useful to yourself and others. Did you know that over 60% of the population are visual learners? (source: Wikipedia). And, did you know, that regardless of your learning style, your eyes will move in a certain direction to help you recall information? That’s right… It’s all IN THE EYES! NLP Eye Patterns

Take a look at the diagram drawn very carefully by me in MS Paint 🙂 as if you are looking at another person looking back at you…

This person is normally organised – that is, they are most likely right handed. Everything is around the other way for someone who is not normally organised.

Vr = Visual Recall – this is where you look to recall or remember visual information. What colour is your house?

VC = Visual Construct – this is where you look to imagine something new. What would your house look like if it was purple with pink spots? BE CAREFUL HERE… Someone who looks up this way is not necessarily lying, they could just be imagining or creating something as a part of recalling. Knowing this information does not qualify you to star on Lie to Me…

Ar – Auditory Recall – this is where you look to recall a sound – like remembering your favourite song.

Ac = Auditory Construct – this is where you look to make up a new song or sound or thinking of something to say.

K = Kinaesthetic – this is where you look to access your feelings.

Ad = Auditory Digital – the home of reasoning and logic. This is where you look to access data, facts and figures. And your self talk.

The cool thing about this as it totally explains why someone is not looking at you when talking to you. They are not avoiding your gaze, they are simply accessing information (or making something up… or bored – human behaviour is not a perfect science!).

What this means for your memory

Do you need to remember something that you saw? It could be a picture or something written in a book. Look up to your left (if you are normally organised). Can you see it? It WILL be there.

Do you need to remember something that you heard? Something someone told you? Look sideways to your left.

Do you want to recall a special feeling? Look down to your right.

Do you want to recall some facts? Look down to your left.

How this can super-charge your memory

Even better… Do you want to remember something really important? Like a definition or a model? Simply take the picture and put it into your Vr – so when you look up and left you can see it. Keep it there for a while then move it down to your Ad to lock in the facts. Then finally move it to your K and lock in that feeling of knowing. When you want to recall it, simply look up to your left, to your Vr and it will be there. So those steps:

  • Vr
  • Ad
  • K

Got it? Now go and learn something. And don’t forget to teach it to someone else!

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