Failure – redefine it so it’s impossible

Failure. Yes, that dreaded word. That word that sometimes seems so easy (and hard!) to say. When we don’t meet our goals, sometimes this word comes up. I didn’t get to the gym 3 times this week. I didn’t get all my emails answered today. I should have… I could have… Winning, failure

What is your definition of failure?

One of my favourite quotes is by Thomas A. Edison who said: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” So, this quote, as well as being massively inspiring, tells us a lot about his definition of failure. When he had failed once, that wasn’t failure, when he had failed hundreds of times, that wasn’t failure. How many times do you have to fall over and pick yourself up before you call failure? According to Edison, this number is very high. According to others, it’s lower.

Your definition so you ALWAYS win

Einstein once said that “You never fail until you stop trying.” What if YOU were to define failure in a way that mean’t you could NEVER FAIL? What if, instead of trying something once or even a number of times, failure was only possible if you stopped trying.

You see, we decide our entire world by the rules we make for ourselves… “If  I <insert cool thing here x frequency> I am/have <insert awesome achievement/accolades here>”

So, why not make some rules that will serve our cause? Support us? Champion us?

What if you couldn’t fail? What would you do instead? And how awesome would it be?

So, go ahead and redefine your rules on failure. Then see what might be possible…

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