Put on your rain jacket

It was drizzly and foggy outside early this morning. And Saturday. But I had a chiropractor appointment and my choices were to sleep in, get dressed at the last minute and drive there, or get up earlier and ride my mountain bike there. The latter meant that I would have my 30 minute a day commitment to myself over before half the city woke up. Not to mention feel awesome. I think you know what choice I made. Yep, I slept in. Kidding.

It made me think of a Lance Armstrong quote: ‘When it’s raining, I just put on my rain jacket and go’. It was cold and wet outside, and I’m sure if I thought about it for long enough I could have negotiated another option, but in the spirit of movement creates momentum, I put one foot in front of the other, and before I knew it, I had made tea for my fiancé, fed our kittens and was heading out the door on my bike. Early enough to take the long way there, logging a few extra sneaky kilometres (and a congratulations from Runkeeper for logging the ‘most elevation in a month’). All without a rain jacket. Yep, I think Lance’s metaphor is actually meant to be taken literally at times. If it’s raining, you really DO need a rain jacket. Lesson learned.

So, something that looked a bit unpalatable from under my doona ended up in a feeling of achievement. How can this be applied to our everyday lives? If we can push through things that might seem unpleasant or even impossible at first (like exercising in the wet), imagine what else can suddenly look achievable? I look forward to seeing you out there. In your rain jacket if needed…


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