Quarter Time… Time to Lift my Game!

I hope everyone has had a fantastic first quarter of 2012. How have your goals been going? Are you on track? I have to say, I set myself some BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) for this year, and I’m excited with how I have been going, especially with my coaching, training and speaking. I love knowing I have been able to effectively pass on knowledge and influence people to take on more resourceful behaviours to create amazing transformational change in their lives.

A number of my clients have come to me for weight loss and general well being, including time management, and it has been my pleasure to help them work towards and achieve their goals. Interestingly enough, that’s one area of my life I feel has been lacking these last few months. With long hours spent working, I’ve not been taking the time to nurture myself by getting my body moving, and I’m thinking a change is necessary.

So, time to ensure I have some good focus on my health, fitness and writing. So, for the next 30 days, yes, every day in April, I will be ensuring I exercise for 30 minutes every day AND posting in my blog. Two birds with one stone, one might say. My wonderful friend and health accountability buddy Priya has agreed to join me on this challenge so look out for her achievements too.

As I made this decision in the evening of 1st April after eating pizza, I had to move fast. I dusted off the Wii Balance Board and revisited my former hula hooping, boxing and snow fight glory days in 31 minutes of absolute fun and sweat.

I feel better already…


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