Here are some things a few of my clients have said…

White Cat Coaching Testimonials“Emma is an incredibly inspirational coach.  She’s one of the rare people who walks the talk.  She radiates self-motivation and her self-discipline is truly contagious!  Emma has a gift for knowing which questions to ask at just the right moment.  Her thought provoking approach has helped shift my perceptions, turning road blocks in to speed humps.  I can’t thank her enough for giving me the custom built toolkit I need to embark upon my journey of amazing transformational change”.

Katie, Port Melbourne, Australia


“It wasn’t until I met Emma that I realised how much more potential I had. She helped me work through issues relating to career, health and personal life and over a number of sessions I was able to implement some simple strategies to help me achieve my goals. What I found really helpful was the way she helped me acknowedge what I had already achieved and this gave me the confidence to move on and try other things. I thought that most things in life ‘just happened’ but Emma showed me that I actually have a great amount of control over my life, both past and future, and this has allowed me to envisage and plan my future the way I would like it to be.'”

Glen, Melbourne, Australia