The Importance of Trust

Trust has been described as ‘a feeling of confidence or conviction that things can unfold within a dependable framework that embodies order and integrity. We may not always understand what is happening to us, or to another, or what is occurring in a particular situation; but if we trust ourselves, or another, or we place our trust in a process or ideal, we can find a powerful stabilising element embracing security, balance, and openness within the trusting which, in some way, if not based on naiveté, intuitively guides us and protects us from harm or self destruction’. (Kabat-Zinn 1994).

I love this description of trust. It comprehensively describes the journey of emotions we take when we choose a path in our lives. With trust, either in ourselves or others, we feel like we can do anything. Conversely, without trust, it can feel like you are getting nowhere. Sometimes, we make decisions, large and small, and doubt we have done the right thing. This self doubt can grow and result in not getting what you wanted out of an activity.

That is why I love this quote. The part about the ‘dependable framework’ stands out to me. We all make decisions based upon information and feelings at the time. We may doubt it afterwards, but these pieces of information and feelings ARE our dependable framework! Things might change afterwards, or things might happen that we don’t know what they are or what they mean, but we have to know in ourselves that our framework  is dependable at the time. Holding onto that, and also knowing that your position did not come from any naive beliefs, allows you to further build trust in yourself and your actions. This allows the ‘stabilising force’ to grow. Take a few deep breaths and let that happen. Allow it to grow more. How are you feeling about your decision?

And what would happen, regardless of your framework, if you just went ahead and trusted yourself? Now.