The Power of Beliefs

Beliefs MindIn the wake of the Australian election, I have been curious to observe the strong, diverse views and beliefs being communicated over traditional and social media.

According to Wikipedia, a belief is defined as ” the psychological state in which an individual holds a conjecture or premise to be true”.

It is amazing that we all live in the same world and are experiencing the same events, yet having such different experiences. And there is a great reason for that. Yes, we are all different. But how? Well, to break it down, consider that we take in billions of bits of information every second. We can’t possibly be aware of every single thing, so our unconscious mind brings to our attention what it thinks is the most important. And it does that using a number of filters:

  • Time, space, matter and energy (our physical world and make up)
  • Language (how we express ourselves)
  • Memories (what has happened that we remember)
  • Meta Programs (who we are)
  • Decisions (the subsequent decisions we make as a result of experiences)
  • Values and Beliefs (as a result of evidence, we form certain values and beliefs towards things)
  • Attitudes (our values and beliefs form how we feel and respond to certain things)

The thing I really love about these filters is that it explains everything from why different people will talk about the same event in a completely different way (for example a party or a car accident) to why people choose their religious and political beliefs. There are probably a million (or even billions of) things to say about these filters, and I just wanted to focus on beliefs in this post.

What do you choose to believe?

Remember, a belief is something that we hold to be TRUE. And if it is truly a psychological state, how do you argue with someone? How do we know who is right? The truth is, we don’t. We choose to believe certain things based on our filters. We think that we change our beliefs when we have more information, but what we have really done is changed the content in our filters. The choice really is ours!

Be careful what you believe…

Ghandi once said:

Beliefs become Words

Words become Actions

Actions become Habits

Habits become Values

Values become Destiny

Changing Beliefs

The really cool thing about beliefs is that you can change them if they are not serving you. Changing beliefs, and choosing to believe something else, shows flexibility. The more flexibility we can have in any given situation, the more control we can have over that situation. And our results. Think about the beliefs you have towards something like failure. Are they serving you and helping you achieve your goals? If yes, great! If not, what could you change about these beliefs so they DO serve you? What do you need to believe instead that will make all the difference?

Have  you changed a belief? How did it change your results? Share using your favourite button below!


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