The Power of Passion and Purpose Archetypes

Archetypes Passion PurposeWhen you know your Purpose – the reason why you are here, you are unstoppable, full of energy and life, and every day is one to look forward to an embrace. Every challenge is simply a bump in the road that you have all the resources to overcome. Everything falls into place easily and effortlessly. It’s amazing. And possible. The coaching method to discover Passion and Purpose I use is called Archetypal Coaching. This method comes from the inspiring work of Pip McKay, a pioneer in this topic and one of my mentors. Over a period of twenty years, Pip has discovered that we have eight main Archetypes related to our passion and purpose, that ultimately guide our soul’s quest. When we know what our main “driving” archetypes are, we can understand why we do what we do, and how we can use these Archetypes to set goals and get results.

The discovery of your passion and purpose Archetypes is a fun, introspective and revealing process. When you know your Archetypes, you are able to not only understand yourself better, but also understand others.

What is an Archetype?

An Archetype is not to be mistaken for a Stereotype – a Stereotype is a repeated, common pattern. When we talk about Archetypes, we are talking about an IDEAL. Something that is universal and symbolic. Innate. Archetypes come from ancient learnings dating back thousands of years. Through Pip’s extensive study and experience, she discovered eight main Passion and Purpose Archetypes. They are:

  1. The Innocent Adventurer – fun, freedom, exploration
  2. The Magician – focus, transformation, change
  3. The High Priestess/Oracle – mystery, receive, secret
  4. The Empress – nurturing, creative, understanding
  5. The Emperor – order, logic, leader
  6. The Lovers – belonging, romance, discernment
  7. The Knight – challenge, honour, action
  8. The Sage – learning, teaching, intuition, meditation

Which Archetypes do you think drive your Passion and Purpose?

How to discover your Passion and Purpose Archetypes

Think back to your childhood. What did you love to do? What did you want to be when you grew up? Connecting with childhood passions is the start of discovering your Passion and Purpose Archetypes. The coaching session usually lasts one and a half to two hours and in that time we explore your mind and connect back to what made you happy from a young age through to now. It is fun and insightful, and will allow you to set goals that are inline with who you are, as opposed to what others expect.

I know my Archetypes! What next?

Now you know your three (maybe four) primary Archetypes, reflect on how they are working for you. Do they have an order they kick in? For example, does your Innocent Adventurer go out into a world of endless possibilities and come up with lots of ideas? Then, perhaps your Sage studies and learns about these ideas. Then your Knight might head off onto a quest to achieve a goal based on these ideas. The options are endless, and it is important to check in. There is no “right” order, however there may be an ideal order that would work for you and your desired outcome. You may have an Archetype that is dominating and not allowing your other Archetypes to shine. For example, you may have a strong Emperor who is controlling and ordering everything and not allowing your Empress to create and nurture.

We live in a “left brain” world of organsiations, big business and logic. The really great thing about Archetypes is it encourages you to use your creativity, your imagination. And allows you to tap into resources you may not have known were there. And it’s fun!

For more information on Archetypes and how you can discover your passion and purpose, please contact me to set up your session.



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