The Power of your Environment

One of my most favourite quotes is by Jim Rohn, who says:Environment power

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.

I love this quote because it emphasises the importance of our environment – what, and who, we choose to surround ourselves with. So, while we are in the process of ensuring we are the “swan” during difficult times, and practicing gratitude, through meditation and mindfulness, it is important to have a look at our surroundings. Environment, like beliefs, can make all the difference…

Who are the People in your Neighbourhood?

We are all doing the best we can with the resources that we have. We really are. And there are ways of getting more resources through learning new things. Before we look at these new things, look around. Who are you spending time with on a regular basis? What are they like? Are they happy and successful? Are they the sort of people you want to be? If you ended up with their results, would you be happy? If the answer is yes to these questions, great!

Now, this is not about a “friend audit”. It is about really looking at the people around you and asking how your relationships with them are serving you. We’ve all heard of (and possibly experienced) the “frenemy” – the person cleverly posing as a friend (and probably really believes that they are), but they manage to make you feel bad about yourself through casual, “friendly” comments.

Banish the “frenemies”! And while you are at it, scan your relationships. There are enough critics out there already. While it’s great to have a friend who “plays the devils advocate” at times, are they coming from a place of love and support? Or a place of cricitism? Because, if you look around, the average of those five people closest to you – work and friendships ARE you. Is this the person you want to be? If not, you need to change something. It may be a matter of simply reducing the time you spend with someone. It may be a matter of increasing the time you spend with someone else. It may be a matter of saying goodbye. What is best for you?

Your physical Environment

Now take a look at what is surrounding you. How organised are you? How organised do you need to be? I’m not talking about “de-cluttering”, however, that may be something you need to do if your environment is not serving you at this present moment. Einstein and many other clever minds claimed that being surrounded by chaos helped them with creativity. Is your physical environment helping you get the results you want? If so, don’t change a thing! If not, just like your relationships, look at what can be removed, reduced, replaced or acquired to ensure you have the optimum physical environment for you.

The Power in  your Hands

The really cool thing about making changes to your environment – whether it be the people around you or your physical environment – is that it is the EASIEST thing to change. Think about your beliefs and values. They are much more challenging to change quickly. But your environment can be changed in an instant. Put up a motivating poster, print some photographs of a recent holiday. Choose to have coffee with someone who is interesting and inspiring. The choice is yours. And, like all things, have a play – try some new things, reach out to some different people. What does it do for you?

Going on holiday is a classic environment change, and recently I have been working to incorporate the things I learned. What have you learned from changing your environment? Feel free to share using your favourite button!


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