The Present Moment

We have been enjoying a lovely, relaxing break in the Grampians in country Victoria. Surrounded by mountains and local wildlife, it has been blissful to sit in front of a crackling fire with a glass of red in the evening. During the day, it’s fun to explore the local attractions, get massages, go on nature walks or simply sit inside and read, write or watch movies. Not to mention enjoy a gorgeous sunset!Present Moment

I was thinking today about what a sharp contrast this visit is from our last visit in March. It was blisteringly hot with the temperature during the day climbing to 39 degrees (Celcius) by 11 in the morning. If we wanted to go for a walk (and survive), it had to be before 8am. Our days were spent doing brief, short walks but mainly inside with the air conditioning escaping the heat.

This morning we woke up to frost on the ground outside and a distinct chill in the air. We welcomed the sun as it flooded our residence, taking away the edge from the cold. The views remain stunning, and our local wildlife – kangaroos and a range of birds – are still as curious and entertaining as ever.

It made me think of how cyclical the world is. Everything that comes to us – hot or cold, good or bad – passes at some point. No matter how hard we try, whatever it is will be experienced then go. Some experiences stay with us as memories, others leave with virtually no trace. We choose to try to hold on to experiences both good and bad, but ultimately they leave us. We may also choose to look longingly at the future, wishing its arrival sooner. But eventually, it arrives and then passes.

This leaves us with only our present moment. A moment to enjoy. Or not. Either way the time passes. Accepting that no matter what, time will move on, what would do you choose to do with this present moment? Right now?