Things ARE exactly as they appear – your Brand

I was recently moved by a friend’s post on Facebook saying how wonderful it is that her partner sees her as beautiful, even first thing in the morning with “bed hair and panda eyes”, and it got me thinking about how we see ourselves and what has come known as our “personal brand”.

Jeff Bezoz, the founder of Amazon, has been quoted as saying that  your personal brand “is what people are saying about you when you’re not in the room”. So, how do you get people saying what you WANT them to say about you? Sometimes, it can be surprising – people are often ALREADY saying great things about you that you might not have started to believe yourself. It’s true… So, I believe the real challenge for us is to start believing what people are saying about us. The great things that is, not the negative stuff – how will that help you anyway?

A number of years ago, I told a boyfriend I’d always wanted to be a personal trainer. He said “don’t you have to be really fit and buff? That’s hardly you”. He’s an ex-boyfriend now, by the way… It crushed me. I always thought of myself as fit and healthy, and his comments hurt me more than they should have. Meanwhile, all my other friends were telling me they thought it was a great idea. Why did I choose to listen to the one small voice?

Who should we believe about our brand?

It’s funny. Ten people can tell me how well I did in a presentation, but it only takes one person to be critical and I question myself. Why are we listening to these small people? Why aren’t we listening more to the people cheering us on from the sidelines? Or, even more importantly, the people (as Brene Brown talks about in her book Daring Greatly) “in the arena” with us? These people are telling us how beautiful, talented and amazing we are. They are choosing to see  the amazingness in us. And… Yay for them! Because we already know that if they see goodness in us, it MUST be in us. And in them too! How would they see it otherwise? Perception really is projection.

Unfortunately, the small people are there too, and although their opinions hardly matter we listen to them all the same. Is what they are saying helpful? Is it serving you and assisting you in reaching your goals? Do these people REALLY matter? Are they “in the arena” with you? If the answer is no to all these questions (and I suspect it is), disregard what they are saying and focus on your fans. The people who love and care for you. THEY matter.

So,  my friend IS beautiful. Simple. I happen to think she’s beautiful too. The amazingness is there. All we need to do is start believing it and seeing it for ourselves. Things really ARE exactly as they appear.

What are three new things you could start believing about yourself today that would make the biggest difference? Comment below or share using your favourite social media button!