Think outside the Park…

It was a beautiful day for a walk in the park with my friend Priya, but with the detour in place, it wasn’t as easy to walk through the park as it usually is. Before we left I was trying to think of an alternative way to get into the park and do a similar walk to the one we did a few weeks ago, but in the end we just headed out the door and trusted that something good would emerge. Priya walking with me was great, as her walking pace is nice and brisk.

We skirted around the park, which also has a golf course (so many options), but in the end we walked on and ended up in a completely different park. This park has a walking track going around the outside with a whole array of new things to experience like beautiful trees, a trumpet player and a dog training school. And of course, it was a lovely day. I had never considered this park. I knew it was there, as I have been there before, but it always seemed a bit far away for a regular walk. Mind you, with Priya’s walking pace, even the most far off things seem possible.

6.3 kilometres later, we had completed a lap of the park and returned home within the hour, and saw a whole new part of my neighbourhood that I had not fully experienced. The unfamiliar was now looking more familiar. The combination of being pushed a little bit harder and doing something different ended up with a great new experience for the day. How else can I push myself that little bit further in something unfamiliar? How many unfamiliar things can suddenly become familiar?