Time Poor? Improvise!

Today I had a challenge. I had an early morning workshop that went through lunch, a packed afternoon, and a work dinner. Where to find time and still get sleep? Forced to use a little imagination, I popped on my sneakers with my suit and caught the tram to almost my destination, then walked for 25 minutes, arriving at my workshop with time to spare. After lunch there was a little bit of time for a 10 minute walk before racing into an afternoon of meetings. By the time I got to my dinner (more walking admittedly but by this time I was so relieved to have made my 30 minutes, I wasn’t counting), I felt like I had run a race!

I did learn a valuable lesson… There is ALWAYS time to do exercise. Always. If I had not committed to my 30 minutes a day, my morning would have consisted of catching a taxi to the workshop to optimise my time. Under the pressure to keep to my goal of being consistent, I was able to come up with a plan to meet that goal. Wow! I have a similar feeling of achievement only comparable with that feeling when you just make the plane after arriving at the airport late. I made it!

The improvisation opportunities are endless with a little bit of pressure and a tiny bit of imagination. I wonder what else I can apply this to?…