Values Pendulum®

Values Levels White Cat CoachingDo you want to:

  • Be more proactive in your life and clearly understand what motivates and drives you?
  • Improve the quality of your relationships?
  • Stop self-sabotage and achieve your true potential?
  • Be more behaviorally flexible and embrace change?
  • Understand how you really see the world and understand how that perception might be holding you back from where you want to be?

Values PendulumTM  is a values and thinking based model that gives you insight into where your thinking and decision making is holding you back, the quality of your relationships with other people and the strength and power of your inner voice. It uncovers your ability to incorporate systems and structures to support your outcomes, your willingness to be curious, embrace uncertainty and drive for the results you desire and your desire to serve and contribute in a broader context. As you progress on your values journey you will learn how the values levels of existence shape how you view your world, make decisions and interact with all elements in your environment as you embark on your quest for purpose and a sense of belonging.

Are you getting the results you want?

This is an important question. Because if you are, having a better understanding of how you think will allow you to keep doing the things that are making your life great. If you are not, this is a great way of identifying the areas of your life that need more focus, and what you need to do to create lasting change that serves you.

The Benefits

Doing a Values PendulumTM assessment is a great way of “dipping your toe” into your coaching journey. It takes about 45 minutes to do the assessment, after which you will be provided with a comprehensive report and an unpack session, that can be done face to face or over the phone/Skype. Your unpack session can either be the start of a coaching package designed for you based on the report, or you may simply choose to take the report and come up with your own plan. It’s up to you!

Values Levels of Existence

There are a number of “levels”. But unlike any other assessment tool you have been exposed to, there is NO hierarchy. No “good” or “bad”. No level to “aspire to”. The levels are more like a spiral. And we journey through that spiral all through our lives. The assessment tool simply identifies where your preferences are and how they may be impacting your life. This model invites you to think a little differently about how you approach your life, your decisions, your relationships. And opens the door to lasting change.

How do I do this?

Contact us to book your assessment. You will be sent a link unique to you and you can fill in the assessment at your leisure.