What are you doing consistently?

SuccessI wrote a post recently for That Online Stuff about consistency (and then ironically didn’t blog for a few weeks… Hmmm…). You can read it here. My focus was on business and social media but it got me thinking… I’m sure Aristotle was not JUST referring to building your business and social media when he said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit”. I’m sure if social media had been invented back then, he would have regularly tweeted his wisdom to the world. It would have been awesome!

It got me thinking about what I do on a consistent basis – apart from the obvious necessities. And I have to agree with Aristotle. Thinking about the things I do well, it is not necessarily because I have awesome talent, it is because I do them consistently, regularly. The times when I was at my most fit and healthy a few years ago, I did something every day. It wasn’t a 20km run, it may only have been a short walk, but it was something. I was kind to myself and accepted that on a day I was feeling tired, perhaps a short jog or walk was sufficient. Other days, I would power through an hour gym work out or a long run. And there was another thing – I was enjoying it. I really looked forward to my workout, and approached it with a sense of anticipation and play. It wasn’t serious.

When I speak in public, I do it well because I have been doing it regularly since I won the Grade 7 public speaking competition a number of years ago. I also happen to love it.

I totally believe that once you set a goal and put a big enough Why around it, you will definitely achieve it. I also believe that in order to guarantee success, it is important to put in place some habits or rituals that, if done consistently, will further seal in your chances of success. And they need to be habits that you are going to love.

So, what’s the formula…

Success =

A Big Why + Daily Habits + Enjoyment

What do you think? What if one element is missing? I still maintain that success would be possible – it would just be harder. So, go put all those elements into play right now. And let me know how you go. I’ll let you know how I go – especially on the daily habits!

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