Where is your focus right now?

It has happened to all of us. We are thinking about buying a certain type of car, and suddenly the car is everywhere we look. Did this car suddenly start appearing? I know I was thinking about a type of scarf I wanted to buy. I had a picture in my head of what it would look like, and even what I would wear with it. Suddenly it was everywhere. Every shop window, every second person on the street. Well, so it seemed anyway!

Imagine your life as a giant warehouse with all the lights out. Inside the warehouse is every possible type of emotion you can feel. Happiness. Sadness. Joy. Despair. Wealth. Poverty. Celebration. Frustration. You enter the warehouse from a small door and immediately become engulfed in the darkness. In your hand is a flashlight that you switch on and direct to a corner of the warehouse. In that corner is Sadness. The rest of the warehouse is completely dark, and even though you know there is more to the warehouse than just sadness, this is where you are focusing on. How are you feeling? You are choosing Sadness through focusing your attention on it. What happens when you move the flashlight and focus on Joy? Where is Sadness? You can’t see it, of course, as your flashlight is now focused on Joy. All you feel is Joy and you may wonder how you could ever have felt sad.

Carl Jung believed that we cannot see anything outside of us that is not in us. This means we are not seeing things as they are, but rather as we are. I used to be amazed at how sometimes the ‘vibe’ of the city seemed angry or tense, and other times it seemed light and happy. I honestly used to think it was me ‘tapping in to the universe’. How wrong was I? The universe was simply reflecting my thoughts, completely unknown to me.

What we focus on is what we get! It can be so easy to focus on the things we don’t have, possibly out of feelings of fear or worry. In a coaching session this week, my client was agonizing over a decision she needed to make. It was a big decision, and not one to take lightly. She was focusing on all that could go wrong and was fearful of making the wrong decision. I invited her to shift her focus to all the things she wanted to achieve that we had discussed earlier in the session, and how she would feel when she achieved them. Once her focus shifted, the decision was still to be made, but now the worry and the fear were gone and replaced with positive anticipation. What a much better mindset to be in to make an important decision!

What are you focused on right now? What results are you getting?


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