White Cat Coaching is a go!

Merlin the White Cat, Emma Bryce, coaching

Follow the White Cat!

Well, after thinking about this for a while, and taking my time on a new logo, White Cat Coaching has been born! While The High Flying Mind lives on in spirit (and the url addresses until I work that one out), White Cat Coaching will work to remind us to live our dreams while approaching life with a sense of curiosity, creativity, love and play.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, my inspiration is my white cat Merlin. He is intensely curious, very loving and adores play. I realised how important those characteristics are not just for a cat,but for everyone. Imagine if any time something happened, good or bad, you just got really curious as to what was going on. As I write, Merlin is head first in a paper shopping bag, checking things out. Merlin’s sister Kizmet, partner in crime and generally clever cat is also a source of inspiration, reminding me to be loving, pay attention (she gets underfoot – a lot) and there is always time for a cuddle. Oh, and that Ninjas are real…

It is with these simple principles that I launch White Cat Coaching on the world. I look forward to working with even more clients who are ready to embrace change in their lives, and being able to help them do incredible things with their lives.

Alice followed the white rabbit to Wonderland. I wonder where you will go when you follow the white cat?…