You are doing better than you think

Celebrate White Cat CoachingFor the last week, I have been in the process of completing my Diploma of Coaching assessments. These assessments also include Certificate IV in Business, and if you look at the list of things to do it looks giant and overwhelming! Now, I had until May next year to complete them, but things have changed, and I now have until January next year. Oh dear. The first thing I did was panic – I have so much to do and so little time. This is going to RUIN Christmas! I called my friend who talked me down and suggested I have a review of how much I had completed so far of the assessments. I then found a wonderful article online that reminded me how important it was to be grateful for what I have right now. I took some deep breaths, opened up my “Assessments to be Submitted” folder, and reviewed my progress… I had completed LOTS of the assessments! In fact, I had started them so long ago, I had trouble remembering the work I had done on them. Things were much better than I thought they were.

Stop, take stock

It’s great to be focused on the future and our goals. Looking back to a past that is holding us back is not helpful. However, there are times when looking back is a GREAT IDEA! Like last week. I could have chosen to focus on everything I had to do, which is quite a lot. By taking stock of where I was by reviewing progress, I was able to get an accurate assessment of my position. Just to be clear, I still have quite a bit to do. However, by reviewing exactly how much I had completed gave me an opportunity to acknowledge the work I had done so far.

In fact, it was great to read my Certificate IV in Business where I listed my business goals – some of which I have already achieved! Pats on the back all around, I say.


Before you move onto the next thing, take time to celebrate. It might be as small as acknowledging yourself with a smile. Or a party with 50 of your closest friends. It doesn’t matter HOW you celebrate. The important thing is that you do. Because, by acknowledging yourself, your unconscious mind gets a clear message that achieving things and/or finishing things, is a good thing. And you will find that you do it more and more. Failure to do this sends a message that finishing things is not that important. Remember, your unconscious mind loves to serve you. Make sure you’re giving it all the right cues!

Well, it’s back to my assignments for now. I trust this has provided some food for thought on what you could celebrate. Right now. Go on, you deserve it!

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