Your Learning Style and what it means

Have you ever found you have picked something up – a new learning, hobby or skill just like that? (snaps fingers), and other things have been tougher or slower? Or perhaps not at all? It might be that you are just not meant to do that particular thing. OR it could be the way you were taught it.

Many successful people have said their reasoning for taking up a particular subject at school was because of the teacher. Their TEACHER! Their love of the subject came later and was often influenced by the teacher’s passion. It may have been because the teacher was brilliant, but I say it’s more than that. And, as we know, passion can only get us so far.

What is your Learning Style?

We all learn differently. Some of us need to SEE something (Visual), others need to HEAR it (Auditory), others need to DO it (Kinaesthetic). If you are taught something in a way that appeals to YOUR learning style, you will pick it up right away. If there is a mis-match, you will be challenged. I happen to love Bikram Yoga. It may be because there’s something about sweating in a room in 40 degrees that appeals, but I don’t think so. You see, I hate the heat. There is something else about it that gets me going. I like that I don’t have to watch anyone, I just have to listen: “Move your right hip forward and your left shoulder back”… “Feet together nicely”… “Touch your forehead to your knee” (what???) “Bend your knee if you need to” (phew…). Bikram yoga was actually how I learned I was a primarily auditory learner. Before that, I would study for tests by writing things down in different colours and reading over them, use pictures and read things out loud at times. It was still effective, but now I know that the spoken word is what gets me going AND retains information, it’s made a big difference.

How to Love Learning

Readers of my blog know I love learning. The excitement of learning something new then teaching it to someone else is the reason I get out of bed in the morning. It may be the thrill of the new information, it may be the skill. But I think it’s so much more than that. If I can take in information in a way that suits my learning style (primarily auditory), I’m in heaven.

Think now of something you are keen to learn: windsurfing, yoga, cat herding. How have you been successful in the past at learning something? What worked? What didn’t? What did you notice about your learning style?




Does something stand out as your primary learning style? It may be a combination of a number of things. Now, go and learn something new, favouring that style/styles. I’m positive it will make a difference in how easily you will learn. Unless it’s cat herding. I hear that’s pretty hard…

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